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AT Exchange Transition

Welcome to our AT Exchange transition page. A place created to assist in making the transition for our customers as smooth as possible. Over the coming months we will be shifting inventory from our old AT Exchange webpage over towards NATADS Public Access. If you cannot find the AT equipment desired in one location be sure to check the other. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Email for additional assistance.

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Welcome to Ability Tools 2.0 For AT Advocates

Summary of Transition to NATADS

What is the AT Act?

The Assistive Technology Act (AT Act) of 1998 was amended in 2004 to require a common set of activities to be provided by all state assistive technology (AT) Programs.

Learn more: AT Act Overview with Diane Golden from ATAP (archived webinar)

What You Need to Know

What AT Advocates Need To Do To Prepare

An illustration of what AT Advocates need to do to prepare. Graphic reads: LEARN: Attend in person trainings and webinars provided by AT3 Center Specialists. (see links below). UNDERSTAND: Review the federal AT Act guidelines and definitions. CONNECT: Share best practices with your peers.

Where To Go for Technical Assistance


Additional Resources